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House Rules


There is absolutely NO smoking permitted in the rental or on the rental property.


Pets are not permitted in the rental.              No Glitter or items with glitter on property.


Please be respectful of the full-time resident neighbors, especially in the evenings when visiting outdoors. Do not collect sticks or wood for fire pit from neighboring properties. 


Beach towels are provided in a basket by the back door for your use outdoors.  Please do not take the white bath towels outside.


There are parking spots provided.  Please do not park on the street.  Overflow parking can be found on the south side of the driveway in the yard.


There are no keys for this property.  Please use the 4-digit code provided to you to lock and unlock the front door.


As you load the fridge with food, please do not change the temperature controls, which could overload the system. It can take up to 12 hours to cool food down.


The thermostats are pre-set and will reset to the pre-set temperatures daily.


All exterior lights are automated and will come on at dusk and go off at 11:00 PM daily.  Please plan accordingly.

Four kayaks are provided for guest use.  Appropriately sized life vests must be worn at all times while using property kayaks.  No exceptions.

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