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Safety Information


Electrical Outage


If the power goes out, call us at 256-856-8809 so we can contact the power company. 


Fire Extinguisher


The fire extinguisher is located under the kitchen sink.


Please do not hesitate to use it, if you need it. If you do use the fire extinguisher, please contact us immediately at 256-856-8809 to let us know the situation and so that we can replace it. 


Emergency Exits


In case of emergency, please exit the house through a door or a window.


Emergency Numbers


Maintenance or Any Issue

Stephanie Massey 256-856-8809



Call 911 after exiting the house.



Mentone Police

256-634-0704 (non-emergencies)

911 (emergencies)

Your Current Address:

863 County Road 613

Mentone, AL 35984

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